Real Results


Thankfully I haven’t woken up yet

You can start changing or keep complaining!! It’s your choice! This tummy has had two 6 lb baby girls and one 7 lb baby boy in a 4 year period AND 4 pregnancies that ended in 4 angel babies in that same time frame. I look at myself on the left and I remember feeling discouraged most days, even after just waking up. Discouraged because of the food battle I would NO DOUBT face until I found myself back in that bed at night.  When I found MAGIC COFFEE I legit thought I was dreaming. Thankfully I haven’t woken up yet. And I don’t plan to.


weighs what he did in high school

It’s been 9 years between these pictures. Loads of ups and downs. Physically, financially and emotionally. Today, my amazing husband weighs what he did in high school and wears the same pant size as he did then too. He’s changed his activity level. He’s changed his morning cup of coffee. He started eating when his body called for food. He’s become the example for our son that makes me so very proud. At one time he would have chosen the couch over shooting pucks or throwing the football with our son. Not today. Not ever again! 



“The last 9 weeks has been PERSONALLY LIFE changing. I’m down 14 pounds. It’s truthfully been the EASIEST 14 pounds I’ve ever shed. MAGIC COFFEE helped me lose weight & feel AMAZING without losing my mind.” - Nikki


crushing her business & results

She joined my tribe to help others with MAGIC COFFEE last month and she is crushing her business & results. Since sipping, she’s down 26 pounds, 3 pant sizes, 1 cup size and 2 notches on her watch! Her face, thighs and butt = ALL shrinking! 


BUT....that’s not true!

As a dude, I’m sure he would love to tell you that he’s been hitting the gym, pumping some iron, blending raw eggs and protein shakes BUT....that’s not true! Like SO many others — he’s swapped his morning cup of coffee for MAGIC COFFEE! That’s it! It doesn’t get any easier! He also says he feels better, his mood, focus, and energy have all improved! Congrats to Sean for a 30 lb weight loss! He went from a size 40 waist, to as of yesterday, a size 35!